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Was inspired to make an oc for Little Nightmares, also cant draw humans that well :')

Name: Hannah
Age: 27
Personality: unsettling,cruel,manipulative,greedy
Flaws: can get vary obsessed and possessive over someone or something,hates the kids,obsessed and possessive of the Janitor,wont hesitate to kill and devour any one in her way

Hannah now the new owner of the Maw gathered every one in the dining room to lay a few new rules down and to meet every one she was in charge of and know of there jobs.

As soon as her eyes landed on the Janitor something about him made her tick and she was obsessed right away witch wasn't a good thing.

She had been obsessed and possessive over many none of them ever made it out alive of cores she was talking to all of them in her human disguise sens her true form was hideous and quite frightening.

Of cores the janitor asked if there was any new rules for the children once kids where mentioned she got a little ereatated she hated kids all she wanted to do was eat there tender flesh eating them wile alive tasted much better to her plus hearing there little cry's for help made it all more enjoyable.

What they think of Hannah

Janitor a.k.a Joe: Therese something off and unsettling about her, I dont trust her and I definitely dont trust her around the kids .... theirs something going on and I dont like it.

The chef twins Charlie and Jess: Shes ok tho she can kind of gives off a threatening vibe thats a little unsealing for some reason but she seems nice as long as we get to cook and as long as Joe and the kids are ok then were good to.

June: She scares me.... I have noticed how much she looks at papa shes always around her im scared shes gonna hurt him.

I own Hanna and June
Janitor and the chef twins belong to Tarsier Studios/ Little Nightmares

I love my best friend she gave me a cute graduating card I love it >w<
It hurts
This is how Sophi lost her one eye

It was a normal afternoon on the Maw every one was doing there job every one except Sophi she didn't have a job the new owner didn't even know she existed, wile every one was working away Sophi was takeing a nap on the sheets that no one ever came in to use.

She often wondered why but she really didn't care it was her bed and she was glad it was in no use as she was trying to nap she could feel her tummy rumbling that annoyed her.

So she got up and made her way to the kitchen stopping once to get a drink on the way of cores the grumpy one that always chased her off was making some food for himself, the smell made her drule a little some going on the floor wile she licked up the rest on her face.

Once he left to go get something she snuck in and quickly started to look for something anything to take back to her spot and eat she spotted a link of sausages and garbed it with out hesitation knowing she could make it last a wile.

Of cores she wasn't aware the grumpy twin chef was behind her with his foot on the rest of the chane so she ran but as soon as the link broke it sent her flying face first in to the wall and it hurt, she backed up from the wall confused and a little surprised.

But she made the stupid mistake of turning around instead of just leaving, as soon as she turned around her chucked a knife right at her eye she yelped with the knife stuck in her face her fight or flight instinks kicked in and she chose flight out of pure fear and adrenaline.

She bolted out of there faster then she had ever ran in her life she ran in to a lot of things leaving blood splats everywhere as soon as she got to her safe spot she pulled the knife out of her eye and threw it away from her self.

Sophi was shaking tears rolled down her face as blood did to she put her hand up to her eye that hurt a lot to try to stop the bleeding.

She parshly seen the janitor walk in and take a few sniffs of the air she knew he woudl smell her blood he quickly walked over to her and put his hand on her face to find where the blood was coming from it took him a wile to locate it but he did.

Lucky for her he was carrying a first aid kit with him and disinfected her wound and cleaned it out as well as stitch it up for some one who couldn't see he did a pretty good job.

Sophi thanked him and he nodded his head back as his way of saying your welcome and went on his way he had children to look afterwards after all.

I own Sophi
The Janitor belongs to
Tarsier Studios/ Little Nightmares


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just call me Ally
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello welcome to my messy profile! i cant ever get it organized no madder how hard i try RIP, im a vary friendly and kind person who excepts every one for who they are i can be a little socially awkward at times but i love making new friends.

I except constructive criticism so dont worry about me flipping my shit about it im super open towards that and to save any one who wants to the trouble of asking yes you may draw my oc's.

So thats it for me hope you enjoy my art ^w^

art trades


i do art trades with any one, but pleas ask first cuz i might have things to do.



as much as i like doing it i would apresheat if i was asked first.



- i do not do sexual content or fetishist im fine with gore -

full body/ half with detailed background 20 points

half body/ full body with simple background 10 point

chibi half body/full body with detailed background 20 points

chibi half body/full body with simple background 10 points


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